Web Wallet SDK

One of our goals at Argent has always been to bring crypto adoption to the masses, and we're excited that's now possible by taking advantage of account abstraction.

In line with this, we launched Web Wallet on Starknet, which solves the frictions related to using dApps on Starknet.

What is Web Wallet?

Web wallet is a self-custodial wallet in your browser. It takes advantage of account abstraction to bring you the best experience from both web2 and web3. You create a wallet with an email address and password, eliminating the friction that come with traditional blockchain wallets.


📵 No downloads

With web wallet, users can now interact with dapps on Starknet, without downloading a mobile app or installing a Chrome extension!

All that is needed is an email address, thereby introducing the best parts of the web2 experience we all love!

🌱 No seed phrases

Web3, decentralized money, NFTs. Such exciting, revolutionary ideas!

Until you lose your life savings because you misplaced your wallet's seed phrase.

With the advent of web wallet, you no longer need to fear losing your assets, as you can now access your wallet using just an email and a password, which is easily recoverable if lost!

🛡️ Security

Web wallet is secured by Argent Guardian which can help to keep your funds secure and detects and alerts you of malicious dapp interactions.

Of course, it is fully self-custodial, meaning that you remain in full custody/possession of your asset at all times. Your key is generated by your password,

👩‍💻 Multi-device

Just like with web2 application, you can use your web wallet across multiple devices with no friction. All you need to do is log in with your email and password!

Upcoming Features

  • Argent mobile integration

  • Introduction of a smart cosigner

  • Paymaster native integration

  • Analytics dashboard for dapps

  • Introduction of social wallet recovery mechanisms

  • The ability for dapps to contact users via email

  • WebAuthn integration


We're excited to see the community adopt Web Wallet, raise issues, and provide feedback. Whether it's a feature request, a bug report, or a project to showcase, please get involved!

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