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Argent is the original smart wallet. We pioneered "Guardians" for social recovery, and have been using Account Abstraction since 2018.

These docs will help you optimise your dapp for smart wallets, enabling you to offer a vastly improved experience to your users.

ArgentX - The first wallet on Starknet

ArgentX is the first open-source wallet on StarkNet powered by native account abstraction.

Available as a browser extension across different browsers’ web stores, Argent X helps you create, manage, and connect accounts to decentralized applications built on StarkNet.

Learn more about ArgentX

Introducing the StarknetKit SDK

The all-in-one SDK for Starknet developers.

StarknetKit is built with all kinds of users in mind. Developers, crypto experts, mobile users, and complete newbies will find a way to quickly connect to your dapp. For you? only one line of code.

Get started with StarknetKit

Argent Web Wallet SDK – no download, no seed phrase onboarding

No wallet? No problem.

If your target audience doesn't have a crypto wallet, this is for you. They'll create a wallet with an email address and password. No plugin. No download. No seed phrase.

It's the fastest, most familiar way for a normie audience to use your dapp.

Build with Web Wallet SDK

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