Build with Argent

Argent is the original smart wallet. We pioneered "Guardians" for social recovery, and have been using Account Abstraction since 2018.
These docs will help you optimise your dapp for smart wallets, enabling you to offer a vastly improved experience to your users.

Argent Web Wallet SDK – no download, no seed phrase onboarding

No wallet? No problem.
If your target audience doesn't have a crypto wallet, this is for you. They'll create a wallet with an email address and password. No plugin. No download. No seed phrase.
It's the fastest, most familiar way for a normie audience to use your dapp.

Argent Login – the best experience for people with Argent mobile

An enhanced WalletConnect experience.
Integrate in a few lines of code to provide the best experience to Argent's 500,000+ Ethereum, zkSync and Starknet mobile users.

Is your dapp ready for smart wallets?

Smart wallets protect almost $40 Billion of value.
Yet many Ethereum dapps are incompatible with smart wallets.
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